Backplane Client JS

Javascript client which allows web based desktop agents to connect and communicate with backplane through API.

Supported Operations

Usage example

const backplaneClient= require("@finos/fdc3-backplane-client");

const instrument = {
  type: "fdc3.instrument",
  id: {
    ticker: "AAPL",
    ISIN: "US0378331005",
    FIGI: "BBG000B9XRY4",

var desktopAgentBackplaneClient = new backplaneClient.BackplaneClient({
	appIdentifier: {
		appId: 'desktopAgent',
	url: 'http://localhost:4475',

await desktopAgentBackplaneClient.connect(
	//hook for receive message from backplane
	msg => {
		if (msg.type == backplaneClient.Fdc3Action.Broadcast) {`desktopAgent: Recived broadcast over channel: ${msg.payload.channelId}`);
	//hook on disconnection
	err => {
		console.error(`desktopAgent: Backplane disconnected.${err}`);
await desktopAgentBackplaneClient.broadcast(instrument, "Channel 1");


To access the APIs in your application, simply install ‘@finos/fdc3-backplane-client’ npm package:

# npm
npm install @finos/fdc3-backplane-client

yarn add @finos/fdc3-backplane-client

Use any of below to locally build and reference this package in your web application.


Copyright (C) 2022 Backplane open source project

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0